RIR-MAPLE: Resonant Infrared Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation

Unique RIR-MAPLE Techniques Developed by Stiff-Roberts Group

Emulsion Host Matrix

The emulsion host matrix contains a primary solvent, secondary solvent, DI water (containing surfactant).

  • Primary solvent is used to dissolve the target organic materials.
  • Secondary solvent is mainly used to prevent frozen target sublimation under the vacuum, and also to enrich the OH concentration in the emulsion.
  • DI water (containing surfactant) is used to enrich the OH concentration to absorb the laser energy.
Emulsion Host Matrix
Figure 1: Emulsion Host Matrix

Sequential RIR-MAPLE Deposition

Sequential deposition reduces the impact of solubility characteristics of one component on the deposition of another component.


Sequential RIR-Maple
Figure 2: Sequential RIR-MAPLE

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